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tv   ABC World News With Diane Sawyer  ABC  January 14, 2013 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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apology tour. for more than a decade, he denied that he cheated, used drugs to win. and this morning, the legendary athlete walked in front of some of the people who believed in him most to say i'm sorry. here's abc's neal karlinsky. >> reporter: today, standing amidst a tear-filled room of 100 livestrong staff members, sources tell abc news lance armstrong took responsibility for the damage his actions have caused the livestrong foundation. the cancer charity he founded and which helped turn him from athlete to global icon. it's not just about the drugs, but the defiance, his categorical insistence that he never cheated, now coming back to haunt him. >> i have never doped. >> reporter: you could see it in his unflinching glare. for more than a decade, on tv, to fans, sponsors and cancer survivors. >> the cynics, and the skeptics, i'm sorry for you. i'm sorry you can't dream big.
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i'm sorry you don't believe in miracles. >> reporter: even under oath -- >> i can't be any clearer that i've never taken drugs. >> reporter: today, sources say armstrong is attempting to apologize by phone to a select few former friends, including ex-teammate floyd landis, who broke his silence to abc news in 2010 and sparked armstrong's downfall. >> i think that the team had become paranoid that the police or somebody was watching the hotel rooms. >> reporter: but can a tell-all with oprah repair the enormity of armstrong's disgrace? the man who once hung out with ex-presidents and movie stars is now just scraping for a second chance. >> i think he's at a point where he realizes he's lost this game and people have been wanting an apology. >> reporter: the stakes are huge. lance armstrong risks hurting himself even more in the hopes of winning sympathy and restoring a lost reputation. oprah says the interview lasted 2 1/2 hours and that armstrong came, quote, ready. it was reported to be an emotional interview but no word as to whether armstrong confessed.
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it should be noted that the u.s. anti-doping agency has an offer to armstrong to offer him a massive reduction in his lifetime ban, if he comes forward and names names. so far, diane, he has not. >> but it is still breaking news there. and we thank you, neal karlinsky. and we move the next to gun violence, one month to the day after the tragedy in newtown, connecticut. because the president announced today he has a blueprint for action. and we have a poll tonight, showing where we agree in this polarizing debate in this country and where we divide. abc's senior white house correspondent jonathan karl, who questioned the president today, tells us what to expect next. >> reporter: in his first press conference this year, the president vowed quick action on gun violence, with or without congress. >> members of congress, i think, are going to have to have a debate and examine their own conscience, because we're going to have to come up with answers that set politics aside. >> reporter: what are you
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willing or able to do using the powers of your presidency to act without congress? >> i'm confident that there's some steps that we can take that don't require legislation and that are within my authority as president. >> reporter: on top of the list? improving background checks for gun buyers. but to extend them to gun shows, where most sales don't require any background check, president obama would need congress. in today's abc news/"washington post" poll, a vast majority of americans said they would support extending background checks to gun shows. but the manager of this virginia gun shop says that more background checks will just harass law-abiding gun buyers. >> the only people that are likely to comply with it are law-abiding citizens. well, they're not the problem. >> reporter: meanwhile, guns are selling at a record pace. a response to fears about what the president will do on guns. what do you make of the long lines we're seeing at gun shows
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and gun stores all around the country? >> those who oppose any common sense gun control or gun safety measures have pretty a pretty effective way of ginning up fear, everybody's guns are going to be taken away. >> reporter: while washington waits for the president's plan, things are already happening in the states. today alone, political leaders in new york, maryland and chicago moved forward on gun initiatives. and in connecticut, the families of the victims of the sandy hook shooting came forward, calling for a national dialogue on preventing mass killings. diane? >> all right, jon, thank you. and now we move onto modern health in america and something new from coca-cola, the soft drink giant. under mounting pressure about sugary soft drinks and the consequences for health, coke ads are about to sing a new tune. and here's abc's senior national correspondent jim avila on that. >> ice cold coca-cola. >> reporter: coca-cola in 1961, advertising the original coke as a diet beverage.
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>> there's no waistline worry with coke. >> reporter: but now, most studies say that's not true. so, today, a new ad from coke, claiming to be part of the obesity solution, not the problem. >> of more than 650 beverage, we now offer over 180 low and no calorie choices. >> reporter: coke buying a cable ad blitz tonight, reacting to a full-fledged assault on sugary sodas that include school bans, proposed taxes and an often-mocked new york city effort to eliminate large sizes. >> oh, no! i'm on the run from johnny law! >> reporter: but many feel it's no joke. after all, the average american gets 45 gallons of sugary soft drinks a year. that's 1 1/2 barrels of soda pop. in fact, sugary sodas are the single largest source of calories in the american diet. even this small can has the equivalent of six sugar cubes in it. the regular soda, 14 sugar
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cubes. and that big gulp? 32 sugar cubes. critics argue they're not just ordinary calories, either. they're empty of nutrition and don't tell the body its full. >> with beverages, we drink the calories and consume more foods on top of those calories. >> reporter: coke's new commercial promotes exercise programs to work off what you drink. but for the world's largest soda maker today, it's no coke and a smile. jim avila, abc news, washington. and as we begin another week, we begin it watching the flu continue to move across the country again. tonight, we're seeing the effects of the virus, particularly in the workplace. and here's abc's chief medical editor dr. richard besser on that. >> reporter: the office is now a flu obstacle course. >> i'm sitting in my car now taking refuge from people at my work who have come in coughing and sneezing and sniffing. >> constantly washing my hands. since i'm in sales, i press the flesh a lot and come into contact with a lot of people. >> all of my coworkers have been sick already this season.
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>> reporter: watch how many touch a revolving door on the way into the office. 14 in four minutes. so, what is a healthy worker to do? of course, you can wipe down any shared phones, keyboards. wash your hands. but the flu is really about the air that you breathe. an office meeting. one cough could send a cloud of thousands of droplets into the shared air. and the droplets can stay in dry, indoor air for 15 to 30 minutes. so, the next people that walk into this room will breathe in the flu. try phone meetings. don't hang out at that water cooler. stay away from people. the smartest way to head off the flu is this -- if you're sick, don't go to work. dr. richard besser, abc news, new york. and tonight, the weather map of the united states continues to be upside down. take a look. freezing temperatures in sunny california? even cities like reno, where it is only 27 degrees. and back east in raleigh, the high today was 69. so, look at some postcards of the cold, they say it all.
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the strawberries in california. the dark spot there is frostbite. and there's an orange tree dripping with icicles. in fact, the only place that seemed entirely normal was alaska. so cold, the streets in anchorage have become ice rinks. and now, we're going to show you video of something happening right now that has hundreds of millions of people buying masks and hiding inside. the chinese are in the throes of what reporters are calling air-pocalypse. and abc's gloria riviera is truly there in the thick of it all. >> reporter: the sun was shining in beijing today, but you wouldn't know it. just being outside can make eyes itch and throats burn. >> you feel a little bit suffocated. >> reporter: "this could be my lung," tweeted one chinese resident. and time lapse photos show how chemical clouds made buildings
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disappear. zero wind, freezing temperatures and factories at full tilt, made this week a perfect storm for pollution. at its peak, pollution hit 755 in beijing, making breathing extremely hazardous. by comparison, the worst polluted city in the u.s., bakersfield, california, hit a high of 159 last year. it's super toxic air. >> particle pollution like that can actually cause heart attacks and strokes that can kill people. it's lethal. >> reporter: this photo from a recent greenpeace study shows what an air filter looks like after just 24 hours in beijing. watch me wipe a thin layer that's accumulated on most cars. that's soot and grime. and this is my own air purifier. watch this. look. that's what we're breathing in beijing. one expert told me it's like becoming an instant smoker. beijing did issue emergency warnings, for the first time ever this year. signs the government can't avoid problems everyone can see. gloria riviera, abc news, beijing. >> and another note about this. when our team visited china two years ago, we noticed the difference between the polluted
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air outside in beijing and how we felt when we walked inside the american embassy, where the air is much cleaner. well, we were told that the pollution is so severe there, because of health issues, the embassy creates special filtered air for embassy workers. so, they'll have air as clean as the air here back home. and we have two notes tonight about the war on terror and another western nation stepping up to take the lead. france. they are launching air strikes against the al qaeda affiliate in the west african nation of mali. and in somalia, a french commando captured in a raid this weekend has died. today, the militants declared on twitter, quote, a return of the crusades, but the cross the commander was wearing could not save him from the sword. and one more note back here at home tonight, we want to tell you that after seven weeks, president george h.w. bush has left a houston hospital.
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the 41st president, 88 years old, was treated for bronchitis and a bacterial infection and severe cough. doctors say he will continue physical therapy while he is at home and we wish him well. and still ahead here on "world news," we'll show you how we saved a family more than $1,000 on their cell phone bill. tonight, how you can do it, too. ♪ aww man. [ male announcer ] returns are easy with free pickup from the u.s. postal service. we'll even drop off boxes if you need them. visit pay, print, and have it picked up for free. any time of year. ♪ nice sweater. thank you. ♪
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you may want to pay attention to this headline on the family budget tonight. even as americans cut back on dining out and shopping, we are all spending more and more on cell phone bills. and $52 billion of that spending is waste, unnecessary. so, tonight, abc's paula faris shows us how to change that, and it means saving real money. >> hi! >> hey, daddy. >> reporter: phil barry doesn't see his two young daughters nearly enough. the divorced dad splits their time with his ex. so, they told us cell phones are the next best thing. >> i love you. >> love you, too, dad. >> reporter: so, who here has a cell phone? phil is paying for three phones, including his mom and oldest daughter, reagan. how much is your bill? >> $311 right now. >> reporter: do you think you're paying too much? >> i think about what most people pay for their car and that's what i pay for my cell phone bill.
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>> reporter: a bill that's weighed down by the extras like texting and data. how much are you instagraming, sweetie? >> every two hours. >> reporter: every two hours? and grandma, you look like you are probably texting all the time, right? >> oh, yeah, sure. >> reporter: we're going to cut down phil's cost without cutting down on his family time. >> when i see this bill, i'm not happy about it. >> reporter: enter our insider, todd dunphy. for years, he worked with verizon, but he left to help families wipe out what he calls wireless waste. so, here's how phil can shrink his bill. tip one, let free web sites figure it out for you. on todd's site, you can make sure your plan is a perfect fit. all you have to do is plug in your phone number. >> we look at all the usage and charges and then we compare it to what's available. >> reporter: phil but buying eight gigs of data a month, but only using 2 1/2, and by bundling talking and texting in one new plan, he could save big. nearly $1,200 a year. >> holy mamma jamma.
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>> reporter: tip two, look for sneaky charges, things like roadside assistance and 411. >> this is an interesting charge for $2. >> reporter: tip three, get your discount. tens of thousands of companies work with cell phone carriers to get their employees discounts. but the key? you have to ask for it. >> but now, his company is bought by ibm. they have a 23%, 24%, 25% discount. >> reporter: that's $200 a year, simply typing in his work e-mail address in his carrier's website. now, all that's left is switching plans. watch phil put our tips to the test. >> i think i'm going to go with the six gig plan. that's not going to extend my contract or anything else? >> nope, it won't extend your contract. >> reporter: but it will put $1,368 back in phil's pocket this year. >> and that's real money! >> reporter: paula faris, abc news, marshfield, massachusetts. and still ahead right here tonight, the road back to "gma." >> good morning america!
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heart attack by 32%. and eating onions five times a week, even better, lowering the risk by 73%. and guess who's back tonight? that little red corvette. here it is. chevrolet rolling out the new model today, taking us back to the same car prince sang about, the one that took america by storm 60 years ago. >> see if you don't think this is the most exciting car in america today. >> exciting then and the new corvette, also called the stingray in honor of the 60-year anniversary of the amazing car. and, if you see something during the day you like for our "instant index," be sure to tweet it to me, @dianesawyer. but i do want to take a moment now for some very big news from our family at abc. our own robin roberts has taken us through her bone marrow transplant journey and the watchful weeks after. but this morning, she had an exciting announcement.
5:51 pm
>> the last bone marrow test showed no abnormalities. >> wow! >> the majority of the marrow is my sister's, and it is healthy, praise god. and what all this means, my doctors were waiting for this information, to be able to tell me that i can begin the process of returning to the anchor chair. i'm coming home. >> all right! all right! >> i haven't been live on television since the end of august. >> yeah, yeah. >> my heart is beating so fast right now. >> right. >> but you know what? it means i'm alive. it means i'm alive and i'm so grateful to be excited as i am and i can't wait to get back. >> and i know grateful to all of you who sent her thoughts and prayers. she's going to take it step by step, but we sure hope to see her back in the "gma" studio, maybe behind the desk, sometime in february. and coming up here, let's give some awards for the awards last night. did you watch?
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[ male announcer ] only pace has that big, bold kick. anything else just ain't right. pace. grab the southwest by the bottle. and finally, if you have a lot of opinions about the golden globes last night, join abc's nick watt who will now give his own awards to the award show. >> reporter: okay. here is our list of the real winners for behavior during the long ceremony. >> look how drunk glenn close is. >> reporter: best audience participation? glenn close. >> you, you, you get out of here! >> reporter: worst audience participation? tommy lee jones.
5:56 pm
maybe he's laughing on the inside. most emotional, honest and open? jodie foster. >> i am -- single. >> reporter: cruelest joke? >> i haven't really been following the controversy over "zero dark thirty" but when it comes to torture, i trust the lady who spent three years married to james cameron. >> reporter: best reference to saint meryl streep? >> meryl streep is not here tonight. she has the flu. and i hear she's amazing in it. >> reporter: worst reference to saint meryl? >> what does this say? i beat meryl. >> reporter: most presidential? daniel day lewis. also nominated, bill clinton. >> what an exciting special guest. that was hillary clinton's husband! >> reporter: and the best dressed nomination? clooney, clooney, clooney and the winner is clooney. most beautiful, tina fey. it's my award, i decide.
5:57 pm
and best acceptance speech by a new mom who, let's face it, doesn't get out much these days, adele. >> oh, my god! oh, my god! oh, my god. >> reporter: nick watt, abc news, los angeles. >> and you can write nick your thoughts at "nightline" at its new time, 12:35 a.m. eastern, tonight. and i'll see you again tomorrow night. good night. only on abc 7 news, police put a dent in the market for stolen electronics. thousands of items recovered from a massive fencing operation. >> a redwood tree falls on a house and find out what the neighbors did when they heard someone screaming for help. >> post sunset skri. we don't expect warmth from the lingering glow. we have freezing frosty
5:58 pm
weather tonight. i'm spencer christian. i'll have the cold detail autos and an east bay couple turns to abc 7 news after not receiving mail two weeks just because they moved their mailbox. >> this is just some of what police found when raiding a huge stolen goods operation in san francisco and arrested a suspected for r.theft for a second time. >> police recovered thousands of items from the home. abc 7 news is in the newsroom with a story you'll see on abc 7 news. vic? >> in the past three months, an fran police made a huge dent in the crack down on suspected fences for stolen electronics. the fences are the people[ío thieves turn to to sell hot items and last year there were 3,000 robberies in san francisco. half were cell phone;bt,i relatd
5:59 pm
oo. bc 7tb+8 news believe they'e busted what they believe to be a big fencing ring. >> this is what recovered december 27th. lots of smart phones and lap tops, one of the biggest hauls of stolen electronics they've seen. the second bust police made in two months. in november, they recovered more than a thousand items worth up to half a million dollars from another fencing again, mostly cell phones and lap tops as well as other items. three people were arrested. lieutenant ed santos says it's a lucrative business. >> there is so much money to bev¢wwz off lap tops and cell phones. the market is>)  reall. and ipad can go from 300ses today $500. new iphone 5s being resold for $500. >>


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